Program Manager

Job Description

Programme Manager will lead the overall programme portfolio between Four hundred thousand
to Six hundred thousand (in figure 400,000 - 600,000) USD budget per annum to implement provided
sectors with a cohesive integration among sectors and cross cutting themes. The child wellbeing outcomes
will be the key focus to strengthen the sustainability efforts with community groups and in government
systems. The team will be led with strong motivation and effective workforce management to manage
effective implementation through comprehensive planning and problem solving approaches. This position
has imperativeness to highlight key successes and evidences of the programme through validated data,
effective information management systems and case studies.
This position expects to have agile leadership to manage multiple priorities, adapting to change and
incorporate learning in the programme and managerial scope. The incumbent is expected to maintain a
good coordination and collaboration with internal and relevant external stakeholders to effectively manage
programme. Along with this, there should be strong focus on programme sustainability efforts as envisioned
by the given projects and programme.
This position expects to maintain a strong professionalism and role modeling for the team and others to
demonstrate integrity, accountability, passion, commitment and strong team spirit. The incumbent should
be able to work independently and interdependently managing every kind of situation and contexts. The
major responsibilities with relevant key capabilities stated below are envisioned to be able to lead the
organization meeting the expected deliverables confidently.
The incumbent strives in empowering community groups, households and institutions to address and
manage the issues to sustain. The local resources are managed well to effectively run the project
interventions for a longer run.
This position requires to be innovative and problem-solving skills to adapt to changes and multiple priorities. 

Job Responsibilities

Major responsibilities
1. Portfolio Management (portfolio programme, reports, risks, problem solving, team, governance) 40%
2. Solid Programmes Quality and Technical Management (MEAL data/information, technical programme,
project models, integration of sectors including sponsorship / cross cutting themes-GESI, DRR) 20%
3. Community empowerment and engagements at different level for sustainability – 15%
4. Evidence of Programs Impact or Result collection/compilation to be shared at/for wider platform15%
5. Strong Relationship and Partnership Management (internal and external) – 10%
Key Capabilities:
A. Programme Management:
Develop comprehensive operational calendar highlighting key milestones and financial projections
Ability to integrate multiple projects and cross cutting themes to contribute to strategic objectives
and child wellbeing outcomes
Identifying potential risks, developing mitigation strategies and effective risk management in place
Guide the team in achieving community empowerment and promote sustainability drivers
Prepare quality reporting to share with different stakeholders as per the requirements and needs
A strong financial and supply chain management leadership to manage programme effectively and
stewardship principles are adhered well
Integrated workforce management to be more strategic and effective in delivering results
Lead in effective governance, child and adult safe organization compliances and are practiced well
Conduct periodic review and reflection to accommodate failures and successes appropriately
All the audits are conducted timely and responded appropriately against the corrective measures
Lead the team to manage the provided resources with efficient and responsible manner
1 B. Capacity Building
Conduct periodic staff performance appraisals against the set performance objectives contributing to
programme deliverables with proper performance management system in place
Demonstrate strong leadership to coach, mentor and guide the team in delivering their plan/tasks
Conduct regular capacity assessment of programme team and provide needful support to
demonstrate better leadership
Promote agile and strategic leadership to manage challenges, pressing priorities and multiple
stakeholders’ requirements in different contexts and circumstances
Support and encourage the team to adapt to change and also ability to accommodate new learning
and guidance/requirements including the contexts such as emergencies
C. Monitoring & Evaluations
Lead the team in managing validated data and information to reflect programme results on timely
Ensure that all the programme data are recorded in digital platform with in deadline
Support team in best utilize the provided digital platforms to input correct data and regular review
and analysis of the data and information
Strongly lead the team in maintaining integrity in data and information management
Provide factual and accurate data and information as required by the system or requirements timely
Produce periodic reports on community feedback, MEAL results in order to review, analyze and
make corrective measures to excel quality delivery timely
Ensure that all the findings from the field monitoring are recorded in the quality benchmark system
and accountability system and necessary action plan are made
Ensure the use of quality benchmarks/minimum quality standards/implementation guideline during
Document the case stories making linkage with child well-being objectives in support with MEAL staff
Conduct data based discussion in periodic basis in collaboration with MEAL staff and develop
necessary action plan for quality programming
Lead DPAC/Municipal level project advisory committee meeting in support with MEAL staff and WVI
Nepal team
D. Relationship Management:
Develop strong coordination with local, district and provincial government to profile programme
advocacy efforts with appropriate means and platforms
Convene strategic coordination and collaborations with relevant stakeholders to share the resources
and produce greater impact
Provide strong and strategic leadership on team cohesion to avoid conflict and promote encouraging
and conducive working environment
Manage effective communication and coordination with staff, PNGO board and all relevant
stakeholders to manage programme effectively
E. Child and adult safe guarding and sponsorship business
Manage all the working environment in the office and working areas are child and adult sensitive
Guide the team and organization in managing protection related matters appropriately
Lead the organization in complying with all child and adult safe guarding policies, requirements and
Manage all the sponsorship businesses as per the protocols and guidance provided by WVIN
Registered children participation are well reflected in the provided reporting platforms
Ensure operationalization of World Vision’s Child Sponsorship standards, Development Programme
Standards and sponsorship integration in all phases of programming 

Job Qualifications

Academic Qualification and Experience:
Bachelor Degree in the given sector, management, social science or business studies with minimum 7
years working experience in managing multiple projects with diverse team or
2 Master degree in the relevant field, management, social science of business studies preferred with
minimum of 4 years of work experience in managing multiple projects with diverse team
Proven ability to manage risks and promote governance to contribute on strategic outcomes
Experience working with children and their wellbeing in both development or emergency contexts

Sector Knowledge:
Have a good technical knowledge and experience on sector, data and information management
Proven project management and financial management experience
Diverse team management to yield quality results within the stipulated time period
Presentation skill to highlight on the areas of success and failures with qualitative and quantitative data
and relevant information 

* The expected salary should be mentioned in the cover letter.

Vacancy Details
  • May 10, 2022
  • 1
  • Kathmandu